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18-Wheeler Crashes on I-20 near Sweetwater, Texas

September 15, 2016

Picture of 18-Wheeler Crashes on I-20 near Sweetwater, Texas

A westbound 18-wheeler pulling a flatbed trailer on I-20 near Sweetwater, Texas, lost control and crossed into the eastbound travel lane colliding with traffic. In the process, the truck snapped the cable system in the center median and crashed into three eastbound vehicles. A fourth vehicle was struck by the cable.

The result was catastrophic. Two people are confirmed dead while others have been taken to the hospital. The crash occurred Monday, September 12, 2016 at approximately 9:30 a.m. The crash happened near mile marker 251 of I-20.

As a truck safety advocate and an attorney intimately familiar with the trucking industry, it is apparent that an immediate investigation must be launched. Tough questions must be asked of the trucking company and its truck driver. The investigation should include: (1) What is the safety record of the trucking company? (2) Why wasn’t the truck driver able to avoid the collision with steering maneuvers with or without a tire blowout? (3) Did driver fatigue play a role? (4) Was the driver violating the hours of service regulations? (5) Did speed play a role? (6) What does an inspection of the truck’s tires and equipment reveal? and (7) What does the data download from the truck’s black box reveal?

In my experience, police agencies, and state authorities have neither the manpower, nor the desire to perform a thorough investigation concerning such issues. Consequently, the families will need to retain an attorney who is intimately familiar with the trucking industry and its regulations to achieve a thorough investigation.

Fortunately for them, most good trucking attorneys, will provide a free initial consultation and handle such cases on a contingent fee basis; a contingent fee means that the victims and/or their families pay a fee at the end of the case, and only if the case meets with success. That way, there is no risk to the family in getting to the bottom of what really happened and obtaining just compensation for such horrific losses.

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