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How Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Personal Injury Case

November 2, 2016

Picture of How Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Personal Injury Case

The term “expert witness” often conjures up an image of a slick professional on a show like Law & Order who delivers devastating scientific testimony that will make a break a person’s case. As a result, many people think of expert witnesses as an expensive secret weapon that will surely win a case. In reality, these experts are a little more common and a little less dramatic.

Expert witnesses are often used to explain complicated testimony. Both sides of a lawsuit may use experts like doctors or accident investigators to describe a particular set of facts in a way that best explains their side of the accident. In many cases, having an experienced and knowledgeable expert witnesses on your side can be powerful evidence in your favor.

Expert Witnesses Can Explain the Accident

When one driver runs a red light or is intoxicated, determining fault in the accident might seem relatively simple. However, there are many factors which can contribute to an accident and neither driver may be aware.

When two people disagree on the causes of an accident—for instance, when both drivers thought that they had the green light—it is often necessary to bring in an expert who can analyze the scene, the timing of the lights, the speed of the vehicles, and multiple other factors. An accident reconstructionist can get to the bottom of what really happened, and make sure that the jury knows who is actually at fault.

Additionally, expert witnesses may be used to contradict the opinions of the defense team’s witnesses. Insurance companies may attempt to avoid liability by using an accident reconstruction that shifts the blame for the injury back onto the injured person. An expert witness can rebut this type of testimony and show the jury what really happened.

Expert Witnesses Can Prove Your Injuries

Juries award compensation for pain and suffering based on how a person’s injuries affected his or her life. Simply telling the jury that you are in pain an entirely different thing than actually proving that you can no longer participate in favorite activities or complete the tasks necessary to perform a certain job. A medical expert who is experienced in treating in your type of injury can testify as to the nature and severity of your injuries, as well as show the jury medical tests and results which confirm your prognosis.

In addition, medical expert witnesses are skilled at describing long-term complications or permanent disabilities caused by the auto accident and can help a jury understand why you need compensation for future medical treatments.

Without the testimony of a medical expert, the opposing side may twist your medical records. If an injury doesn’t show up neatly on an x-ray or an MRI, the defendant may argue that you are not as injured as you claim and should therefore receive less money. Expert medical testimony will rebut these presumptions, and make the extent of your injuries clear.

When it comes time to fight for your right to compensation, turn to The Linebaugh Law Firm. Our experienced Texas injury attorneys will fight to prove your case using techniques like accident reconstruction and expert medial testimony to help you create the best claim possible.

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