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Teens Had Right-of-Way in Baytown 18-Wheeler Crash

March 17, 2017

Picture of Teens Had Right-of-Way in Baytown 18-Wheeler Crash

Although details are still developing, one thing about the crash between the 18-wheeler and the Baytown teens is certain: Decker Drive traffic has the right-of-way.

As an attorney, with vast experience in handling 18-wheeler crash cases, I know that preliminary investigative reports can be wrong. I have learned, that cases may be won by digging deeper into the facts.

When digging deeper, one of the most important tools is to determine whether or not any surveillance cameras on nearby buildings may have recorded the crash on video. Additionally, many 18-wheelers are equipped with dashboard cameras, which are often referred to as “dash-cams.” Video from surveillance cameras or dashboard cameras may provide a whole new perspective as to what really happened on Monday night, March 13, 2017.

However, it is extremely important to seize any and all such video as soon as possible. Many surveillance cameras operate on a looping cycle. So that after a specific time period, the video is overwritten with new data. Most systems are on a 30 day loop, but some systems have other cycles. In any event, it’s important to gather such information before it is too late.

Also, the families of the teens need to send a letter to the trucking company insisting that they preserve any and all video from on board camera systems as well as any data from the event recorder. The event recorder is frequently referred to as the “black box.” This 18-wheeler will surely have such a “black box” recorder.

Data from the “black box” recorder will document the speed of the 18-wheeler and the breaking activity of the 18-wheeler immediately before the crash. It would be important to know whether there was a sudden acceleration of the 18-wheeler as it exited a private driveway or side street. In other words, what were the circumstances surrounding 18-wheeler’s failure to yield the right-of-way to the teens traveling on Decker Drive?

Attorney Dan Linebaugh is the author of the book, 9 Costly Mistakes that People Make Following an 18-Wheeler Crash, and is a frequent lecturer regarding truck litigation. Mr. Linebaugh is Board Certified as a Specialist in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been inducted into the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum as a life member.

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