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Many Experts Might Charge 18-Wheeler Driver with a “Preventable Collision” in Crash with Baytown Teens

March 23, 2017

Picture of Many Experts Might Charge 18-Wheeler Driver with a “Preventable Collision” in Crash with Baytown Teens

I am concerned that early reports deny justice to the teens.  The crash between two teens and an 18-wheeler in Baytown has not been analyzed from a trucking safety perspective.  After all, the Decker Drive traffic does have the right-of-way.

 18-wheeler safety experts often analyze truck crashes in effort to determine whether or not the truck driver could have prevented the collision.  In the trucking industry, similar collisions might be ruled against the truck driver as “preventable” or “recordable,” depending on the circumstances.  The purpose of such an analysis is to make the roads safer for everyone.

 Generally, such an analysis helps 18-wheeler drivers learn from their mistakes.  And to educate other truck drivers in effort to prevent a similar future occurrence.  It also allows safety minded trucking companies to document and track 18-wheeler drivers with a history of problems.  Again, the idea is to make the roads safer for everyone.

 The US Department of Transportation – The Federal Highway Administration, has published a book entitled: Commercial Vehicle Preventable Accident Manual – A Guide to Countermeasures.

The book is used throughout the trucking industry to help analyze truck crashes and prevent other similar truck crashes in the future.  The Table of Accident Situations and Countermeasures provides the following analysis:


Considering the fact that Baytown motorists driving on Decker Drive have the right-of-way, and considering the fact that the 18-wheeler pulled onto Decker Drive from a private drive or side street, there may be more to this case than early reports suggest.

Attorney Dan Linebaugh is the author of the book, 9 Costly Mistakes that People Make Following an
18-Wheeler Crash, and is a frequent lecturer regarding truck litigation. Mr. Linebaugh is Board Certified as a Specialist in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been inducted into the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum as a life member.

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