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Medical images can be enhanced through computer technology to demonstrate the harm caused by the crash.

C5-C6 and C6-C7 Posterior Cnetral Disc Protrusion/Herniation
Authentic 3D image of Narrowed Thecal Sac along C4 - C7 spine
Authentic 3D image of C5-C6 Site of Posterior Central Disc Protrusion/Herniation

Medical illustrations may be used to demonstrate to insurance executives, the seriousness of the injuries

Post-accident condition of left leg with subsequent placement of wound


Post-accident condition showing face laceration under right eye and eye contusion
Image of human skull showing multiple facial fractures

In certain cases, our attorneys may use animations to demonstrate how a crash occurred. Shown below are three different examples of still frames from such animations.

3D animation showing truck rear-end accident
3D animation showing truck underride accident
3D diagram showing spin out accident

Scaled models or diagrams frequently serve as great demonstrative exhibits. Such tools are very helpful when presenting the case at mediation.

Attorneys S. Monette Porter and Joe K. Mitchell with bust of human brain
Attorneys Dan Linebaugh and Timothy Allen standing in front of accident diagram on easel
Attorneys S. Monette Porter and Joe K. Mitchell looking at computer together

Our attorneys often use focus groups to determine what evidence will be most helpful to a real jury at trial.

Attorney Dan Linebaugh present exhibit in conference room to audience of four at table
Attorney Joe K. Mitchell gestures while presenting in a conference room to an audience of four people
Our firm is heavily involved in “on-line” networking with national truck and bus litigation groups. Such networking facilitates that exchange of information concerning the motor carrier’s history, defense experts, and the latest in regulatory changes.

Our “on-line” legal research capabilities extend to any legal opinion ever written anywhere in the United States.

Attorney Timothy Allen sitting at desk

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