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Our attorneys are not afraid to get their hands dirty. In fact – they prefer it.

Attorney Dan Linebaugh sitting in driver's seat of 18-wheeler cab

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with trucks and the regulations controlling them.

White 18-wheeler with trailer attached and hood open

By getting into and underneath the at-fault truck, our team can determine the vehicle’s condition both before and after a crash.

Attorney Dan Linebaugh looks at engine of white 18-wheeler
Truck expert Roger Allen and attorney Dan Linebaugh inspect a truck following a collision.
Three people look at white 18-wheeler pulling a tanker

Our attorneys work with accident reconstructionists when surveying an accident scene.

Measuring a truck's brake shoe with a ruler to show wear
We often find that a truck’s brake shoes were damaged, worn, and unsafe.
Measuring truck break shoe with digital ruler to show wear
Brake shoes like these should never have been on the road in the first place.

Measuring push stroke rod in truck's air brake to evaluate break function

Our experts measure and document the push rod stroke in the truck’s air brake system to evaluate brake function.

Attorney Dan Linebaugh reading truck black box with computer reader
Modern trucks are equipped with “black box” recorders. These event recorders contain information concerning the truck’s speed and braking activity right before the collision. Our experts download and analyze this data.

Attorney Dan Linebaugh and expert downloading truck's data from cab
Our attorneys like to participate in the truck’s data download whenever possible. It’s a great way to fully understand the case.
Attorney Dan Linebaugh takes a knee to look at vehicle wheel well to investigate damage
Attorney Linebaugh accesses vehicle damage in effort to better appreciate the client’s case.

Measuring the height of truck grill
The truck is also measured and documented.
Testing truck tires for wear
It’s not unusual to find trucks operated on bald tires. Our experts will document tread depth and evaluate tire issues relative to the crash.

Blown truck tire
Tire abuse is another issue to consider; such abuse may result in a tire blowout, loss of control of a truck, or a highway breakdown. All of these things needlessly endanger the motoring public.
Disassembled truck light
A truck’s lights or reflective tape may be in disrepair. Such disrepair may be critical where nighttime visibility of the truck is a concern.

Gate of dump truck missing reflective tape outline
This truck is missing reflective tape. Such missing reflective material fails to outline the trailer’s profile at night.This creates confusion to motorists approaching the rear of the trailer. Improperly profiled trucks/trailers make it difficult for approaching motorists to determine what he or she is seeing and to judge the trailer’s distance in the dark.
Demonstrating a truck turn

Our team may even bring in their own truck to disprove a truck driver’s preposterous defense? In this particular case, a lost truck driver claimed his 18-wheeler would not fit under the U-turn overpass and therefore should be excused from turning left into an innocent motorist.Our team demonstrated otherwise.

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