Understanding Trucking Accident Verdicts – Part 1

Understanding Trucking Accident Verdicts – Part 1

For trucking accidents, some of the highest settlements made outside of court and damages awarded in court have been awarded in Texas. In one verdict issued by a Texas court after a jury’s decision in 2018, the injured plaintiff was awarded “$101 million . . . against an oil services company whose driver plowed into the back of a pickup in 2013.” Although the driver of the pickup did not originally think that he was injured, it was later discovered that he needed neck surgery and could no longer work. The driver of the truck, on the other hand, “tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana after the crash,” and he admitted to attorneys that he was a regular drug user.

Factors for Damages

Settlements and damages can be calculated in different ways, but they are typically based upon certain factors. One of those factors is medical expenses — higher medical bills mean more money from a settlement or verdict. Another is lost income; depending upon how much money you make and how many years you have left in your career, you can receive more or less money.  More damage to your vehicle will also mean that you can receive more money. Typically, responsible trucking defendants will have to pay for your legal fees, regardless of how those fees are calculated. The wildcard of the possible factors for damages, though, is pain and suffering. It is hard to know how much an injured plaintiff deserves for pain and suffering. Damages for pain and suffering are also known as non-economic damages, and they encompass “everything from physical pain and disfigurement to loss of enjoyment of life and other types of emotional distress.”

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When you have been injured in a trucking accident, there is a lot to consider and a lot at stake.  From which trucking company practices need to be better to which factors about the accident should be used in calculating damages, a personal injury attorney who is experienced in trucking will know how to guide you. If you have been in a trucking accident, you should call an experienced attorney like the ones at Linebaugh, Dority & Allen.