The role accident reconstruction plays in 18-wheeler crashes

When catastrophic injury or wrongful death occurs in Texas 18-wheeler accidents, victims need all the help they can get. In most cases, this means acquiring adequate compensation from the responsible party or insurance companies. A valuable yet overlooked form of assistance involves having an authority reconstruct the accident to prove you deserve compensation.

You probably know that personal injury attorneys want to help you fight for your rights after an 18-wheeler accident. If you can find a lawyer that understands the many benefits of reconstructing your accident, it could improve your odds of success.

How can 18-wheeler accident reconstruction help your case?

When compensation is vital in ensuring that you get medical treatment and repayment for your out-of-pocket expenses, reconstruction plays an important role. Some of the ways professional accident reconstruction can help include the following.

  • Discovering whether or not the trucker made any errors that could have led to the accident
  • Finding out if poor maintenance of the 18-wheeler caused or contributed to the crash
  • Proving that driver incapacity (drunken motorist, for example) resulted in the accident
  • Professional evaluation of road, weather and other issues that play a role in accidents
  • Uncovering critical details contained in each vehicle’s “black box” (speeds, braking maneuvers and other information)

Our attorneys know a lot about 18-wheeler accidents and often conduct preliminary reconstruction fieldwork on behalf of victims. For additional support, we rely on a network of professional reconstruction agencies to help us find the truth for victims. We recommend accident reconstruction because it can ensure you get the financial compensation you so urgently need.

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