A loved one in a coma can cause heartache, tears and expenses for families

Victims injured in Texas vehicle accidents often suffer severe or catastrophic injuries. They face many expenses — from emergency room visits to lengthy hospital stays to follow-up doctor appointments. Even worse, they can lose income from missing work and have few financial resources to fall back on.

Have you ever wondered why people choose legal action after suffering a severe injury? One reason, and it is a significant one, is their inability to meet the costs they’re saddled with. In this post, we would like to discuss the expenses associated with a loved one who is in a coma after being injured in a crash.

What is a coma?

A coma is “a state of prolonged unconsciousness.” A traumatic brain injury is one cause of a coma. Patients may wake from a coma after a few days or a few weeks. Unfortunately, accident victims have already incurred overwhelming medical expenses by the time they wake up.

Diagnostic and treatment expenses

Before a doctor can treat the patient properly, they must find out what is wrong. After checking the victim visually and by touch, doctors order blood tests, brain scans and other diagnostic measures, all of which are costly.

Once doctors have determined the patient is in a coma, they must treat the victim. Patients typically stay in the intensive care unit of a hospital during treatment, which may involve:

  • Ongoing intravenous medication and nourishment
  • Use of devices to assist breathing
  • Surgical procedures for brain swelling, if necessary
  • Daily examinations by a medical provider

When patients wake from a coma, they may still suffer brain damage or other complications. As you might expect, this means even more expenses for the family.

When accident injuries, including a coma, occur because of negligence, consider speaking with an experienced attorney. Taking this step ensures that you explore all methods of compensation. In turn, you can afford to get your loved one the best medical care for as long as necessary. Continue browsing our firm’s website to learn more about your legal options in the wake of catastrophic injuries.