How can an attorney help you after a serious car crash?

Advertisements for insurance companies frequently boast about how easy they make the claims process. Quite a few people believe those commercials and try to handle the aftermath of a major car crash alone.  

It is only after they realize that they accepted a very low settlement or get backed into a corner by an insurance adjuster that they realize they need help. Partnering with a lawyer after you get hurt or suffer major property damage in a car crash will benefit you in multiple different ways and make the process easier on you and the people you love. 

Lawyers understand how to handle insurance companies 

There are many tricks an insurance company can use to keep from paying you what they should after a crash.  

They might ask you to make a recorded statement and then ask you leading questions so that you accidentally implicate yourself and reduce how much compensation you should get. They might make a very low settlement offer in the hopes that you will absolve them of their future financial responsibilities to you.   

Lawyers who have experience dealing with insurance claims know how to counter negotiation strategies and push for the right amount of compensation. 

An attorney knows what your injury will really cost 

Your vehicle repair costs and medical bills are far from the only expenses related to a car crash. There will also be wages that you don’t earn to consider and the depreciated value of your vehicle after major repairs.  

It can be very hard to determine what a crash will really cost when you don’t have any first-hand experience. Your lawyer’s experience will make it easier for you to put an accurate price on the impact of the crash. 

A lawyer handles the details so that you don’t need to 

You may need to undergo physical therapy or surgery to recover from the injuries that you suffered in the crash. Trying to gather documentation and communicate with an insurance company will distract you from your recovery. Working with the lawyer means that you can keep the focus on your recovery and helping your family adjust to these sudden changes to your house.  

Understanding how a lawyer helps after a car crash can help you decide what steps to take to protect yourself.