Are city buses safer than passenger cars? 

Many people throughout the Houston metro area rely on the use of buses to get around. They wouldn’t be able to get to school, work, the store or wherever else they needed to travel here in the city if it weren’t for the availability of mass transit options like city buses.

But are city buses safer than passenger vehicles? The data is very telling.

How safe are buses compared to cars?

People’s use of public transportation is particularly a safer option for those residing in larger metro areas. Research suggests that the more individuals use mass transit to get around in these areas, the lower their risk of becoming involved in an auto accident. 

In general, public transportation is about 10 times safer than using a passenger car — especially in urban areas. Research shows that 11 of the largest metro areas that experience the highest public transit use see, on average, around 5.8 traffic fatalities per 100,000 people. This is nearly half the fatality rate that the next 108 biggest metro areas experience annually.

No transportation option is perfect

Many people might read the statistics outlined above and immediately think how many lives are lost in an instant when a mass transit accident occurs and think that there’s no way that planes, trains, or buses would be safer than cars. While many more people suffer injuries or die when public transit incidents occur, fewer incidents occur and thus less catastrophic endings. 

Various factors may give way to accidents, and no transportation option is perfect. You’ll be glad to know that there are options for recovering compensation when you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a mass transit accident. Learn more about your options to protect your interests.