Who’s to blame if you slip and fall at a waterpark?

Slipping and falling can happen anywhere. Whether you’re walking down stairs or you’re on a pathway after a short rain shower, there is a risk that you could slip and end up falling down and hurting yourself.

Since it’s the summer and temperatures are heating up, now is a good time to talk about slip-and-fall accidents at waterparks. With so much water around, it’s possible that slick conditions could be present, and you should know your rights if you fall because of them.

Waterpark liability in slip-and-fall cases

When you go to a waterpark, one of the first things you will do is sign a waiver upon entry. If you don’t sign one, there may be a waiver visible that you are agreeing to by purchasing your ticket and entering the park.

This waiver usually goes over the fact that there will be slick conditions in the park and that the park is not liable for the majority of injuries. While that’s the case, there are times when the waiver may not apply.

For example, if the park is rundown and the owner knows that the conditions are unsafe (beyond the normal scope of operations), then you may be able to hold them liable for those unsafe conditions. An example would be if the stairs are tiled and slick, yet there is no textured mat or surface to help prevent falls despite several reports of injuries.

Patrons are expected to act with reasonable care

When you are in a waterpark, remember that the law would expect you to act within a reasonable level of care. You should attempt to be safe and avoid things like running on slick surfaces or going over railings to fetch something you’ve dropped.

If you get hurt because you slip on a surface that isn’t up the required safety standards, you may have a case. If you fall because you’re being reckless, then it is less likely that you’ll be able to make a claim.

After an accident, make sure you learn more about your options. You may be able to pursue a claim against the waterpark if it was negligent or did not do the maintenance it was supposed to in order to keep you and other patrons safe.