Traumatic amputations can occur in a car wreck

People who are involved in a car crash can have a variety of injuries, depending on the crash. One of the possibilities is a traumatic amputation. This is one of the more serious injuries that might happen.

There are two types of traumatic amputations – complete and partial. A complete amputation means the body part is fully separated from the rest of the body. Some tissues remain connected in a partial amputation. Reattachment is possible, but not guaranteed in both types.

What are the complications of a traumatic amputation?

A traumatic amputation can lead to severe bleeding. This is a life-threatening condition, so it must be addressed immediately. Shock and infection can also occur when there’s a traumatic amputation. Prompt medical care may help to minimize the risks of these crashes.

This type of injury will cause pain, but the person may not feel pain equal to the injury’s severity. Nerve damage and adrenaline may play a role in how much pain the person feels. Once things settle down, they may start to feel the pain that’s associated with the damage to the tendons, muscles, nerves, and skin.

Being injured in any manner during a car crash means you need to seek medical care. You may opt to pursue a compensation claim to cover the injuries’ financial damages. These include medical expenses and missed wages. You only have a limited time to do this in Texas, so be sure you don’t wait too long. Working with someone who’s familiar with these matters is beneficial because they can handle the legal aspects while you focus on healing from the injuries you suffered.