Is it normal to feel fatigued after a car accident?

People react to car crashes differently. Some don’t believe they’ve been in an accident, while others may feel like nothing has changed. However, even if you feel okay after a car accident, you will still need medical attention. Sometimes, the symptoms of an injury may not appear until days or weeks after the crash. Serious fatigue is one of the symptoms you may not take as seriously as you probably should. 

Why are you feeling tired after the crash?

You may feel tired after a car crash for several reasons. You may find it difficult to sleep or even settle down after an accident, and you may feel fatigued because of not resting. However, if you continue feeling overly tired weeks after the crash, you should visit a doctor again. This is important because a traumatic brain injury may be the cause of your symptoms. 

Feeling overly tired weeks after the car crash can signify a traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries are common due to the force involved even in minor car accidents. You may have hit your head during the crash, or the abrupt stop of the car may have jerked your brain.

Once you notice you’re feeling more tired than usual or something is “off” after the accident, your doctor will conduct an evaluation, and they may identify your symptoms as signs of a brain hemorrhage or another serious brain injury. Your doctor will then be able to create a treatment plan depending on the severity of your brain injury. 

If your fatigue is linked to a traumatic brain injury, you may need a combination of treatments, incur expensive medical bills and lose wages when you take some time off work to heal. However, if a negligent driver caused your accident, you may be able to seek compensation for damages.