Why are truck drivers fatigued?

It’s clear that truck driver fatigue is very dangerous. If a driver is tired while behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, they may make mistakes or even nod off for a moment, leading to an accident. Since these drivers are in massive vehicles that can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, this poses a severe risk for those around them.

The authorities have taken steps to combat truck driver fatigue. Notably, drivers are supposed to log their hours and only work so many hours per day. They need to take breaks to rest. But this hasn’t eliminated all of these accidents. What is important is to look at why they happen.

From burnout to chaotic schedules

To get a sense of why drowsy driving is so common, consider the following issues that may cause drivers to be too tired on the road:

  • Chaotic schedules can make it hard to get enough sleep.
  • Sleeping in cabs, rather than at home, may leave a driver less rested, even if they do sleep.
  • Burnout can cause mental and physical exhaustion.
  • Drivers may prefer to drive at night, with less traffic, even if they’re naturally tired at that time.
  • Drivers may grow dependent on coffee and caffeine and feel extra tired without it.
  • Driving itself can be hypnotic and may make drivers feel tried.

Whenever you are around 18-wheelers, you have to remember that those drivers may be exhausted and you may be at risk. If you are involved in a catastrophic accident with a truck, you need to know all of the steps you can take to seek proper compensation.