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Sample Truck Accident Cases

Our attorneys have handled virtually every type of truck and auto crash case imaginable. Our team of truck safety experts are on speed dial. So we are ready to spring into action on day one.

Here is a sample of some cases we have successfully handled:

SUV underrides a tractor-trailer

A tractor-trailer pulls out in front of a passenger vehicle on a busy farm to market road, cutting off safe passage for the passenger vehicle.

White garbage truck stopped in median with tire tracks showing sudden stop

A speeding garbage truck with bad brakes, runs a red light and crashes into two cars before driving over a curb and through a grassy median.

Spun out car stopped in front of white 18-wheeler

This 18-wheeler makes an unsafe lane change, striking a passenger car in the left quarter panel and sending the car spinning out of control across the freeway.

White SUV with bumper damage being towed away

An 18-wheeler driver, under the influence of cocaine, runs a stop sign, striking an innocent motorist.

18-wheeler and red Chevrolet Silverado in head-on accident

An 18-wheeler with bad brakes, runs a red light and goes left of center delivering a “head-on” impact to a motorist traveling in the opposite direction.

Black car with crumbled rear cab after an 18-wheeler accident

An 18-wheeler runs a stop sign and decimates a passenger car.

Yellow school bus with damage to side of bus after accident with a train

The windows of this bus were fogged up when the bus driver pulled out in front of an approaching train at a railroad crossing.

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