How does accident reconstruction work?

If you’ve been involved in a crash or known someone who has, one of the things that happens immediately following is accident reconstruction. A team of professionals works with witnesses, photographs, video and other pieces of information to reconstruct the crash scene and understand how the crash happened.

Accident reconstruction is a branch of causation forensics. This type of forensics is designed to find out the cause of a collision, which then helps determine fault. It’s normal to see accident reconstruction used in crashes involving large trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians and other scenarios.

How does accident reconstruction work?

When reconstructing the scene of a crash, the forensic analysts use physics, math and an understanding of engineering to determine how the crash happened. They use data to determine the angle of the collision, how well a driver could see, the velocity of the crash and many other factors.

Why is it a good idea to work with an accident reconstruction expert?

It’s smart to work with an accident reconstruction expert, because they start working at the scene as soon as they can. They may gather critical evidence or surveillance of the collision that helps prove why it happened.

Having an expert’s testimony when you’re making your personal injury claim is an excellent way to show what really happened from not only your point of view but also an expert’s. They’ll discuss tire marks, photographic evidence and other details with the judge and court if you go to trial, or they can make a report for an insurance company and your attorney if you’re in the midst of negotiating for a settlement.

At trial, an expert can provide this analysis to help bolster your case and show how you could have been injured. They can describe the severity of the collision and their findings in a clear, concise way that the jury can understand. They will also be able to talk about why one party was negligent (or not) and how that might have impacted the risk of a collision.

This is just one kind of expert to consider working with. Your attorney may help you find others to help with your case as well.