How dangerous is compartment syndrome?

What would you mention if someone were to ask you about the most serious injuries you could suffer in an accident short of death? You’d likely refer to amputations, paralysis, internal organ damage and maybe even broken bones. 

While the injuries cited above are certainly catastrophic, there’s another one that few individuals recognize: Compartment syndrome. This little-known condition can also cause long-lasting impairments

What causes compartment syndrome?

Compartment syndrome often develops after a fracture caused by an auto accident, exercise or a slip-and-fall incident. Pressure builds up in and around the area where a bone break occurs in the victim’s arm or leg, thus causing intramuscular bleeding. The reduction in blood supply traveling along a person’s limbs gives way to nerve damage.

What symptoms does compartment syndrome cause?

Patients who suffer from compartment syndrome tend to experience numbness, high amounts of pain and decreased range of motion in their affected limbs.

Some patients may develop infections, resulting in kidney failure. Others may require an emergency fasciotomy to alleviate muscle pressure in the affected limbs to restore blood flow to that limb. Any acute cases that linger on too long may result in amputations. 

Hospital bills after an accident are expensive, but that’s nothing next to the cost of the long-term care that you may need for lasting disability. Texas law may allow you to recover compensation if an accident you were involved in resulted in your compartment syndrome diagnosis. This compensation may aid you in receiving the highest level of care that you’re sure to need to treat your condition.