Watch out for an excessive number of delivery drivers this holiday season

Every year, the number of online shoppers in the United States continues to go up. In 2021, the prediction is that roughly 230.5 million people will shop online.

A lot of this shopping happens around the Christmas season. People find it convenient and simple to buy items online for the month or two leading up to Christmas, and they do a lot of their shopping that way. There was naturally a large spike in this last year, but it has continued to rise even into 2021, despite many physical stores being open again.

What does this mean on the roads?

For the average consumer, one thing to consider is what this online shopping spike is going to do for traffic. You may not have as many people driving to the mall, but they’re still buying items at a record pace. Those items still have to be delivered, and it often falls on temporary delivery drivers, box truck drivers and van drivers to get those jobs done.

Around the Christmas season, a lot of companies hire extra drivers and increase the hours of the drivers they have. This can lead to a sort of chaotic situation where a lot of these new drivers are stressed and in a hurry at all times. Needless to say, that’s not the safest condition for the roads, especially when you have people in larger-than-average vehicles who may be in a rush, who may be distracted, or who may feel pressure to focus on productivity and efficiency over safety.

What to do if you get injured this year

Getting injured around the holiday season is far from ideal, and it can have dire ramifications. If you do get hurt this year in an accident caused by one of these delivery drivers, make sure you know exactly how to seek the compensation you deserve.