What can put a person in a coma after a serious car crash?

Some people lose consciousness in a car crash, but only for a few seconds. They black out, but then they quickly wake up and can call for medical help. Occasionally, people hurt in motor vehicle collisions will fall into a coma.

Comas involve a loss of consciousness that lasts for days, weeks or even months. The medical care that someone requires during a coma can be incredibly expensive, to say nothing of the stress the situation can cause their loved ones.

They suffer traumatic injuries

The extreme force and violent motion of a car crash could cause significant injuries. If someone has a traumatic brain injury, for example, they may lose consciousness at the scene of the crash and remain unconscious even after arriving at the hospital. Health care providers may stabilize the individual, but they may not be able to help them regain consciousness.

Medical professionals render them unconscious

Sometimes, the pain someone experiences after a car crash is too extreme to manage. Other times, their actions when they wake up could exacerbate their injuries.

When health care providers want to give someone’s body the time it needs to heal or shield them from debilitating and unmanageable pain, they may intentionally medicate that individual into a state of unconsciousness known as a medically induced coma. The doctors can then bring the person back to consciousness once they reach certain medical milestones.

In either scenario, the hospital bills will probably be far more than what insurance will cover. Looking into compensation options after a catastrophic car crash injury can help you pay for the treatment you need after a collision caused by another driver.