Don’t ignore persistent knee pain after a vehicle collision

Most people do not connect severe knee pain to their recent commercial vehicle accident. However, this part of the body is vulnerable during a crash and can become seriously injured.

Often, a knee injury is immediately apparent. Other times, the onset of knee injury symptoms is the first clue. Crash-related knee injuries are not usually life-threatening, but if you fail to seek medical care, an injured knee can plague you for the rest of your life.

Why are knees prone to injury?

Did you know that the knee is the body’s most complicated joint, requiring ten muscles working in tandem to function? It is also one of the most “stressed” joints. The many complications inherent to knee joints make an injury problematic for victims, often on a lifetime basis.

What kind of knee injuries arise in a crash?

The forces involved in a heavy commercial vehicle accident (18-wheelers, delivery trucks, etc.) can cause significant damage to the knee. Common crash-related knee injuries include:

  • Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries from a direct blow to the front of a bent knee.
  • Tears in the knee tendons also arise from a forceful blow to the knee.
  • Commercial vehicle accidents are a common cause of knee bone and kneecap fractures.

Often, these injuries require ongoing medical care to heal, and even then, they can still cause pain and mobility problems for the victim. In the case of knee fractures, victims usually need surgical intervention to prevent further complications.

As you might expect, treatments for complex knee injuries are quite costly. However, with experienced guidance, you can acquire a fair amount of compensation to address your harm. Learning more about Texas accident compensation laws and the legal options at your disposal can ensure you find a solution.