Texas’ booming economy puts more 18-wheelers on the highway

When it comes to the economy, everyone wants to see growth. After all, a growing economy means more jobs, higher wages, and greater opportunities.

It also means more commercial trucks on the highway and increases the likelihood of you being in an accident with an 18-wheeler.

Texas ranks No. 1

Texas ranks number one in the United States in GDP growth and it continues to grow, adding tens of thousands of jobs each month. Furthermore, the Lone Star state exports more goods than any other state.

However, with the growth in industries, construction, and transport of goods comes the increase in commercial trucking on Texas’ already overcrowded highways. In fact, Texas also ranks number one in the United States for fatal crashes involving 18-wheelers. Therefore, there is a high probability that with more vehicles on the road, the number of deadly crashes will continue to rise.

So, what can you do to avoid becoming a statistic?

  • Be aware of the blind spots on a truck. The driver has limited visibility and may not see you if you’re in one of these spots.
  • Give trucks plenty of space. They need extra room to make turns and stop.
  • Stay out of the way when a truck is passing. Don’t try to speed up and pass it.
  • Avoid tailgating.
  • Use your turn signals well in advance of changing lanes.
  • Be extra cautious in inclement weather conditions.

Unfortunately, no matter how safely you drive, there is the chance that you will be involved in some sort of motor vehicle accident with an 18-wheeler, and it could be catastrophic. If that happens, it’s essential to explore your legal options so you can receive compensation.