Drivers’ poor mental health can lead to semitruck accidents

Trucking is a very special industry that, in all likelihood, made America what it is today. Truckers experience many hardships on the road that only a few people could stand to live with: Harsh weather, long hours and poor road conditions. 

Truckers don’t always get the reputation they deserve and are often disregarded as dangerous and accident-prone drivers because of how and what they drive. Many incidents caused by semi trucks aren’t always from lackluster training and poor vehicle maintenance. Mental health can be a huge factor that plays into a semitruck accident. Here’s what you should know:

Isolation and leaving a family behind can be tough on a trucker

Many truckers spend weeks to months traveling on the road. Despite having a radio by their side and maybe a companion to share the road with, spending time isolated in their truck may eventually get to their head. Truckers who can’t see their family often or have little communication with others could lead to depression.

Depression can eventually to larger health risks such as insomnia, anxiety or suicidal tendencies. Any one of these symptoms raises the chances of insomnia, fatigue and other physical problems, which could endanger a driver and the people around them.

It often doesn’t help that truckers are on the road for so long, for so little pay and health insurance benefits (if they get insurance at all). It can be hard for truckers to seek out medical help and therapy on the road and without insurance.

There are very few benefits to being a semitruck driver and, when one suffers an injury, it can be hard to find help. If you’re looking at injuries and losses after a vehicle accident, you may need to reach out for legal help.